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Every so often you will see me say; Please clear your caches.
Whenever I make any significant changes & updates to the site, I will often say you need to clear your caches.

After updating some things this week, a few of you couldn't do anything on this site and this is why - the caches needed to be cleared/emptied as there was a JavaScript conflict in the old cache.

So with that, I hope this helps some peeps...
How do I clean caches?
Well it depends what you're using. I will explain as best I can here;

Firefox Desktop;
Alt > options > Privacy > clear your recent history > clear everything > cache (you only need to do the cache)

Chrome Desktop;
3 bar menu (right hand side) > settings > advanced > clear browsing data > beginning of time > cache (you only need to do the cache)

Safari Desktop (Mac);
Preferences > Advanced > "Show Develop menu in menu bar", then close out of Preferences > Back at any Safari browser window, pull down the "Develop" menu and choose "Empty Caches"

Opera Desktop;
Alt > menu > settings > privacy and security > clear browsing data > beginning of time > cache (you only need to do the cache)

iOS mobile (iPhone and iPad);
Home Button > Settings > Safari > scroll down > Clear History and Website Data (simple)

Android Mobile;
Main system Settings > Storage > Cached data > In the popup confirmation box, choose OK.
If that doesn't work, as Android is a fickle old soul.. try;
System Settings > Apps > Tap on each app that you wish to clear cache such as SS or Chrome > Tap on the Clear Cache button.

Here is the Google query, next just enter your device and operating system - for example iPhone & Safari or Samsung Android;
How do I clear the cache on my

Many thanks.
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