Just what is Social Swinging Anyway?

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Well, it's a platform. A site for like minded people to get together, feel safe in a safe environment and chat to other like minded peeps.
You see, there's a lot of swinging sites out there who, let's be frank here, don't give a shit.
We do. We care.. We care about our community and we care about you.

We make sure you have a safe platform to use, to connect to like minded peeps who are into the same lifestyle as us.
We enjoy it, you probably do, but why deal with the BS that you get elsewhere?
This is why we're proactive in safety... for us as well as you.

What does Social Swinging (SS - yes I could have done better on that acronym...) offer you?
Well, it offers a chat system, a daring gallery (with huge upload limits) videos, chat, forums, profile content.. live thread notifications, live status profile posts alerts..
What we don't have is - video chats (working on) and an upgrade system - also working on.

This means you have plenty of ways of communicating with peeps and chatting with others who are possibly into the same thing as you.
But here's where we have our ace card, if you will... We put people out of the door if they are spoof, fakes, spammers, phishers..
We do this like a sweep & clean operation and you will have seen that today we've cracked down on several accounts.

Ultimately, I think I'd like to say our gem of a site and community offers you all the tools to chat and meet with others, but with safety of you, being of our most paramount concern.
A lot try it on, but we usually deal with it quietly. Today, we made the decision to make it more public, the type we mean.

Anyway, stay safe, happy non-swinging ? Ommm... and enjoy what you can when you can.
We're not going anywhere but we must ensure that you know we will do all we can to keep the site safe.

Oh and on top of that we've tried to explain earlier how you can multi group chat and get contacts into your PM's that maybe you've not considered before....
You can read about that HERE

So in short, we offer you chat, extensive PM systems, videos, live content feeds, forums, massive gallery... comments, POTM (pic of the month competition) safety and so much more.....
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