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From one swinging site to another.. my experience.

My experience of another swinging site. This is not a sob story...this is a story of resilience This story isn't pretty reading and believe me...
By Lips_Pearls · 10 May 2018 · ·
  1. Lips_Pearls
    Please note;
    We have been given this post, to be used as an article with express consent from the author.
    These are not our words and not written by us.
    The member in question has asked for this to remain anonymous and I politely request that should you recognise anything, then please respect the members' privacy. Thank you!

    This is not a sob story...this is a story of resilience

    This story isn't pretty reading and believe me it's been less pretty to live through.

    Our journey starts on another swinging site where I was happily making friends and meeting great people for almost a year. Around 12 months ago, my troubles started.

    Threatening and abusive messages to me from immediately deleted accounts then libellous accusations to others about me being a drug addict, prostitute and even a paedophile again from immediately deleted accounts.

    I posted pics as I was an attention seeker? No, I posted pics as that is part of the platform. I posted on forums just to get to hot pics? No, I posted to the forums for good craic, banter and camaraderie. I was surprised and flattered to be top pic on a few occasions but that wasn't why I was there.

    This happened multiple times a day for almost the past year. To top it off they even posted my photos on Craiglist asking for information about me.

    So far, so psycho right?

    Very recently a message was received threatening gang rape before being dumped in a ditch.

    Despite reporting this activity on scores of occasions, admin didn't respond once. In fact when I pushed them as to why the radio silence to reports of criminal behaviour they suspended my account.

    Guess what? I've gone through some really dark times in the last year but I've come out stronger. I've learned some difficult lessons but that's how we grow.

    This is why I'm here. A great friend recommended the site to me and I've been blown away by the accessibility of admin and mods as well as the positivity of members in general. The Cockwell Inn pub quiz completes me although I think a few of us know I can't draw movies titles for toffee As well as this, the site has it spot on with face PV, no race to hot pics and clearly investing in good technology and taking our data rights into consideration.

    There are very few members in my local region but keep up the good work admin and staff. Build it and they will come!

    Each and every one of us has the power to help admin to grow the site by recommending good people you know to join the safer swinging site. I will continue to refer friends here...please do the same.
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  1. SteLinda
    This is why I am here (Ste) and was happy to bring my partner in after we met. Had a few bad experiences in the other areas of the net not JUST so called swinging sites but other apps. The PV requirement might appear ott to some but makes thing SOOOO much more relaxed. Glad to say the owners and admins here are on the ball and quick to act if things go sour or a bad attitude turns up. I've had my own wrists slapped before now and even if I didn't like it I've understood their point.
    Sorry to hear your tale anon, but hope the folk here have recovered your confidence?
  2. Leonidas480
    Fantastic article although shocking! Great insight into how some sites are run, for those unaware. Makes me grateful to be part of SS.
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    1. Lips_Pearls
      It certainly is. It's worrying what this person has had to endure actually.
      We're also very surprised how few people are fully aware of us too. Especially after having just spoken to someone about the same. So few really know we're out there and specifically for those who need alternatives.
      We've yet to have any kind of full discussion about all this but I feel it may come by those it has affected.
      Thanks for taking the time to post about this.
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  3. The-Gent
    great piece!
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