Why is it that when you send someone a message or a wink...they don't answer at all?
Would it not be good manners to say."Sorry we are not interested , but thanks anyway? "
They leave you in the dark, you are not sure if they got the message and then you sent another one only the same..
No response at all!!!!!!!!

By definition I am a flirt..
I adjust mens ties, even when they are straight… Touch them on the arm while talking to them…
To smile at someone across the room.. Bite my lip… undress them… Make them blush…
But to wink...even in a bar over cocktails… Lol…..it's not my idea of romance.. It's not sexy.. It's not what Mr Darcy would do..
It's saying hey look at me looking at you..
Are you a builder, construction worker cowboy?
What image are you hoping to get over?
Whatever your take on it, it's just not romantic for me.. I require attraction, connection and that something that actually makes you smile….
Can that be achieved electronically by the words “you have been sent a wink? “.... Absolutely not!

So why do people send them electronically?
Are they shy, lacking in confidence, testing the water?

People have profiles for a reason...They explain what they want and whom they are looking for..
If you feel that you fit the criteria then talk to them… “hi guys I loved reading your profile and without being over keen I feel that perhaps I may be suitable… Blah blah blah…

At least you should get a reply… Providing you have not sent stupid pictures etc.. Unless requested…

However I do believe that there is a place for the electronic wink..
By all means send them to people you have previously spoken to or connected with..
It's a like.. A thumbs up.. Hey looking good…

But never send one as an approach…

As Bob Hoskins said in the old BT adverts….. It's good to talk